Forecast Planner

Company Name:
Kayser-Roth Corporation
Position Type:
Forecast Planner
Basic Function:
Primary responsibilities
This corporate Forecast Planner will strategically plan production forecasting to align with retail sales trends and booking demands at a monthly sku level detail. Key role in helping team exceed sales and profitability while limiting inventory liabilities.
Sales Volume Attainment & Profitability
Exceed sales projections/volume in both wholesale shipments & retail goals.
Insure profitability goals are met and/or exceeded by managing inventory and contributing to efficient operational processes.
Assist team in implement strategic seasonal plans and adjust throughout season based on trend.
Help to identify and evaluate trends in sales, historical data, seasonality shifts and marketplace changes. Work with team to react appropriately to maximize sales/minimize risks and adjust forecast accordingly.
Provide data and analytical support to sales director and planning manager.
Retail Planning
Work closely with team to develop seasonal retail sales, inventory and markdown plans. Provide back up support to manage retail plans by category, item & sku level.
Assist in meeting preparations for modular assessment and Open to Buy.
Maintain working knowledge of all products, product life cycle trends and how to plan accordingly to maximize sales and reduce risks and liabilities to both Wal-Mart and Kayser-Roth.
Production Forecasting
Manage and develop forecast for womens legwear assortment, providing team with detail level analysis and recommendations of approx. 500 skus, perform top down and bottom up reconciliation of forecasts.
Update forecast files accurately and in a timely manner to direct manufacturing and purchasing decisions.
Assist in developing and maintaining more efficient forecasting tools to reduce burden of manual processes, streamline and improve efficiencies and facilitate data analysis.
Maintain strong relationship with customer service and operations to insure effective resolution of issues and avoid additional workload or overtime in production facilities.
Work closely with internal partners to understand logistical implications of changes and lead times required for all items. Ensure seasonal forecast deadlines are met for internal and external production
Required skills and knowledge
Excellent time management skills
Ability to multi-task and minimize operational/logistical challenges and maintain accurate detail data
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Detail orientated
Ability to collaborate with team to meet account expectations
Highly proficient in excel and access applications
Strong interpersonal skills to enhance teamwork within Wal-Mart team and between team and supporting functional groups
Required education/training
6+ year of previous related professional experience
Bachelors degree or equivalent

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