Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager you will plan, coordinate and manage day-to-day agency account efforts on behalf of the client; building and enhancing client relations to ensure total quality of all client materials and final product.
Your key tasks and responsibilities shall include the following:
o Responsible for developing, maintaining, enhancing client relationships and expectations
o Prepare and present insights, proposals, strategy, concepts, POVs, creative and other client communication in formal written form
o Maintain an extensive base of industry, brand and competitive knowledge
o Act as source of marketing and promotional expertise for the team
o Aid client in the development of objectives, strategies, background, competitive activity and appropriately apply as it relates to business
o Facilitate new business opportunities
o Ensure all conceptual and creative ideas meet objectives and key brand strategies
o Provide internal feedback on all materials/work developed for the client
o Oversee client programming
o Manage client input and feedback to meet agency process/standards
o Lead strategic thinking with input from Account supervisor
o Provide and obtain input from appropriate parties to ensure programs meet our quality standards and client-set measures (i.e. brand equity, objectives, constraints, execution requirements, vendor selection)
o Responsible for developing/delegating, managing and meeting set program budgets and timelines
o Provide proactive thought leadership to client on a regular basis
o Manage and develop internal team
People management
o Ability to establish clear performance expectations
o Provide clear and balanced performance feedback
o Promote excellence throughout the organization
o Build internal/external relationships
o Relate to others in an open and accepting manner
o Develop relationships with others as a key priority
o Treat others with respect
o Show consistency with principles, values and behaviors
o Follow through on commitments
o Develop a give and take attitude
o Strive for win-win solutions
Project management
o Ability to plan projects, goal set, task plans
o Able to prioritize multiple initiatives and coordinate and supervise assigned people to optimize effective execution
Conceptual thinking
o Ability to construct a framework to evaluate and quantify opportunities, obstacles and implications; then develop and execute tactics against the business objective
Presentation skills
o Show confidence in front of an audience
o Able to deliver the message clearly and concisely
o Understand the audience and deliver message appropriately
Sound business and professional ethics
It is expected that you will perform additional duties and assume additional responsibilities as needed by the Company for the efficient operation of the Company. In addition, in order to adjust to changes in our business, it may become necessary to modify your job description, add to or remove certain duties and responsibilities, or reassign you to an alternate job position.

Don't Be Fooled

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