Title Clerk - Ford Bentonville

Job Description
Position Summary
Processes title registrations for all purchases and sales. Verifies costs for the accounting department and registers all vehicles through the DMV Verifies all payoffs have been properly handled and that titles come in on a timely basis. Floors stock vehicles as titles are received. Keeps up with all title regulations and fees.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
1. Processes title registration paperwork for all new and used vehicle purchases.
2. Prepares tax and title documents accurately for the state the vehicle is to be registered in.
3. Submits all legal paperwork to the DMV in the time frame the state has allowed.
4. Verifies that funds have been collected and the correct lien holder paid off before processing title applications.
5. Checks for accuracy in the application and ensures that all information in complete.
6. Verifies the payoff checks were accurate and follows up on titles due in to the dealership. Floors all stock vehicles as title is received.
7. Maintains a system to verify out-of-state titles.
8. Compiles and maintains a complete list of all outstanding title work.
Reports to management on the status of any missing or problem titles and provides a current list of outstanding titles to the comptroller at the end of month.
9. Signs over titles for all wholesalers who have paid in full. Prepares a monthly report to management of any funds not collected from wholesalers due to missing or incomplete title work.
10. Processes yearly renewal of dealer tags in conjunction with comptroller
11. Posts wholesale vehicle sales and purchases.
12. Stays abreast of title regulations. Attends seminars held by local licensing bureaus and any available training on title regulations.
13. Conducts periodic training sessions for F&I; managers and sales personnel regarding title regulations and procedures and issues a written memo to managers and all sales personnel whenever regulations change.
14. Resolves any titling problem with the responsible mangers.
15. Maintains all related schedules.
16. Maintains a professional attitude with co-workers, customers, vendors.
17. Follows the dress code the company has put in place. Maintains a clean and neat work area.
18. Follows federal, state and local law as well as company policy about safeguarding all information.
19. Reports on time to work and follows schedule that is given. Calls supervisor if he/she cannot be at work on time.
20. Keeps current with annual HR training along with any other training that might be required for this position.
21. Follows all company policies and procedures. Informs supervisor of any illegal activity.
Job number: 261261
Category: Accounting
Location: AR, Bentonville, 2201 SE Moberly Lane 7164cde5c4fd486385aefa0b6d445d4e

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