Warranty Administrator - Ford Bentonville

Job Description
Position Summary
The Warranty Administrator is responsible for the prompt and accurate submission of manufacturer and after-market warranty claims and the resulting collection of all warranty revenues.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Have a complete understanding with and follow up all manufacturer and after-market warranty company policies and procedures.
Establish and maintain productive relationships with the manufacturers designated warranty representatives and the representatives of any of the after-market warranty companies with which the dealership conducts business.
Review every warranty repair order written for proper completion, accuracy and legibility according to the applicable policies and procedure manuals.
Return improperly completed repair orders to the person originating the document for correction and/or completion as necessary.
Determine and enter the applicable labor operation codes, failure codes and/or other administrative data required and enter them on the repair orders.
Flag the appropriate technicians for the hours earned on the operations they performed.
Check each repair order against the vehicles service history to avoid making duplicate claims.
Monitor the use of special warranty programs for diagnosis time, straight time repairs, etc. for abuse service, sales and/or technical staff.
Report to management any abuses or fraudulent manipulation of warranty claims.
Submit warranty claims to the manufacturer or warranty company using the administrative tools available and in current use.
Ensure that all deductibles are properly documented so they are collected from the customer at the time of repair completion and/or vehicle delivery.
Review all returned and/or rejected warranty claims and prepare the repair orders for immediate resubmission.
Contact the appropriate warranty claims representative regarding any claims requiring special authorization.
Files and maintains a record of all claims submitted, returned/rejected or paid and their current status.
Establish and maintain a record and control of the physical inventory of parts to be returned, inspected or scrapped by the manufacturer or other warranty authority.
Provide a weekly report to the service manager regarding claims status.
Strive to maintain a minimum warranty claims acceptance rate of 95% and no more than 14 days of warranty receivables.
Maintain all related schedules.
Report to management any condition or situation that jeopardizes the safety, welfare or integrity of the dealership, its employees or customers.
Follows the dress code the company has put in place. Maintains a clean and neat work area.
Follows federal, state and local law as well as company policy about safeguarding all information.
Reports on time to work and follows schedule that is given. Calls supervisor if he/she cannot be at work on time.
Keeps current with annual HR training along with any other training that might be required for this position.
Follows all company policies and procedures. Notifies supervisor of any illegal activity.
Job number: 291443
Category: Service
Location: AR, Bentonville, 2201 SE Moberly Lane b779710804cd495d88bd7faca3597b9d

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